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  • 0471001.M3 (6/20/01)- The workshop section is up. The current feature is my Inquisitor warband, currently focusing on Inquisitor Nexus. Check it out.

  • 0469001.M3 (6/19/01)- I've done a lot in the last couple of days. The vault is now open, and has a picture of the tau and kroot sprues. It's worth checking out. Also the rumors page is up (contributions are welcome)

  • 046601.M3 (6/18/01)- Finally decided on a GUI. I spent most of the day setting it up. It seems like something is missing from this site... Oh yeah, content. Don't worry, thats next on my list.

  • 0463001.M3 (6/17/01)- I decided to scrap the frames and go for an interface instead. So I spent the whole day looking for an interface. No real visual progress today, but most of the general set up is complete. Also, after looking at my counter I feel the need to ask myself who am I talking to? Now I feel the need to add website promotion to my to do list.

  • 0461001.M3 (6/16/01)- Day one. So far only the framework of the site is completed but check back soon for more.


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